Dog Artwork - Mixed media

The Guard dog with heart of a lion is mixed media digital collage

Introduction (approx. 60 words): In the world of print art, one artist has captured the essence of canine strength and loyalty like no other. The Artists, a master of mixed media, has created a series of stunning guard dog artworks that exude power and pride. Utilizing a unique combination of photocopied black and white imagery, charcoal, and acrylic, Tarpinian's artwork brings these majestic creatures to life. Limited in number and signed by the artist, these captivating pieces are available for purchase on


Unleashing the Power of Mixed Media 

The Artists guard dog artwork is a testament to the artist's mastery of mixed media techniques. Using photocopied black and white imagery as the foundation, Tarpinian employs charcoal and acrylic to add depth and texture to his creations. This combination allows the artist to capture the strength and intensity of these majestic animals, creating an emotional connection with the viewer. The choice of mixed media adds an intriguing contrast, enhancing the stark contrast between light and dark, mirroring the duality of a guard dog's role. Tarpinian's attention to detail and skilled brushwork result in artworks that are both realistic and evocative.

A Powerful Stance: The Essence of Guard Dogs 

At the heart of Tarpinian's guard dog artwork lies the portrayal of the canine's stance. Each artwork depicts the dog in a ready-to-guard posture, exuding an aura of strength, alertness, and confidence. The dogs' perky ears and upright tails convey their determination and eagerness to protect. The clean, empty background further emphasizes their importance, making them the sole focus of the artwork. As viewers engage with these powerful representations, they are transported into a world where the bond between human and canine is celebrated and revered.

Limited Edition Prints: Art for Sale 

If you are an art enthusiast seeking to add a touch of animalistic strength and beauty to your collection, Tarpinian's guard dog artwork is a must-have. Available for sale exclusively on, these limited edition prints are highly sought after. Each print is signed by the artist, further enhancing its value and authenticity. The limited number of prints ensures their rarity, making them an excellent investment for art collectors. By acquiring one of Tarpinian's guard dog artworks, you not only bring home a visually captivating piece but also celebrate the indomitable spirit and loyalty of these noble creatures.

Artists guard dog artwork transcends traditional animal art, offering viewers a captivating glimpse into the world of powerful and loyal canines. Through his masterful use of mixed media, Tarpinian breathes life into these artworks, evoking emotions and forging connections. The availability of limited edition prints, signed by the artist himself, ensures their exclusivity and value. So, if you're seeking a unique piece that blends artistry and the undeniable spirit of guard dogs, head over to and explore Tarpinian's stunning creations.

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